You're looking for a learning environment adapted to your specific needs?

         - Start at any time of year.

         - Register for any length of time you desire, even for a few days.

         - Choose the number of hours per week that suit you best.

         - Groups are small, offering plenty of opportunity for conversation and  questions.

         - Private lessons can be organized on request.  

Young teachers

Choice of classes and hours, registration year-round

Housing organized by the Alliance Francaise as needed  

Free Internet and WIFI


EXCURSIONS are regularly scheduled and usually free of charge, allowing for discovery of the city, region, and inhabitants.

PARTIES and get-togethers are organized for the benefit of the students, allowing the various classes, ages, and nationalities to meet and celebrate typical French holidays (Carnival in February or March, the galettes des rois - a specialty cake for Epiphany - on January 6th, Christmas...)  and, of course,  picnics!

FRENCH CUISINE: cooking and diner shared in a welcoming place