The school

 You speak no French at all ?  We offer courses for complete beginners at the following schedule

for the year 2018

January 15
April 9

Summer session:  July 9,      (subject to number of participants)

September 10

January 14 2019

You want to improve, brush up, or widen your knowledge of French and its culture ?  Enrollments are accepted at any time of the year and classes begin on Mondays (except for complete beginners. See above)

Basic Academic Year:

             January 8 to December 17,2018

We offer General French Courses at all levels of the CECR (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence)

Le CECRL (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues) est un référentiel de niveaux de compétence en langue mis en place par le Conseil de l'Europe. Il se présente sous la forme d'une grille qui répertorie et décrit les capacités langagières à chaque niveau des six que compte le cadre : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 et C2

  Correspondances entre les niveaux du CECR et les cours proposés par l’Alliance de Dijon


Beginner or niveau 1


60 H
60 H

Elementary or niveau 2


60 H
80 H

Medium or niveau 3


80 H
80 H

Advanced or niveau 4


80 H
80 H

Superior or niveau 5


40 H
40 H
40 H
40 H

Master or niveau 6


40 H
40 H
40 H
40 H












Level A1 to C2

4 weeks course:

50 hours/month (12h30 per week including workshop)

64 hours/month (16h per week including workshop)


Upon arrival, the students have an orientation of their course. The classes will be assigned according to the CECR and/or linguistic examination assessments.

An attestation will be delivered at the end of the course.

For students who wish to enroll for more than 16 hours per week, workshops and optional courses (monthly thematic course) are available at your disposition.

Students can enroll for short periods of even less than one week. For those who register for less than 4 weeks, tuition will be calculated by course of 2 hours (see Tuition & Fees).

Students who take less than 12h30m of courses per week can choose among General French classes, workshops and optional courses (monthly thematic course)(see Tuition & Fees).):

- General French Course (minimum 2 hours per week required)

- Workshops:               Written French:            2h/week

                                   Conversation:               2h/week

                                   Phonetics (improve your pronounciation):  30 min/week

                                   Video:                         2h/week

                                   French Civilization:       2h/week

                                   A1 to C2 exam preparatory course:     2h or 4h/week 

- Special Courses (on demand):

                                      French Tourism and Hotel management:    2h/week

(An option of a few weeks of business training exists. Ask for details)


- Special course for foreign teenagers studying at French schools ("primo-arrivants"):

                 The Alliance Française puts its experience, teaching French as a foreign language, at the service of young foreign students. This course is addressed to foreign teenagers studying at French Colleges or Lycees and whose lack of French speaking skills may hindrance their integration. The course takes place on Wednesday afternoon. A minimum of four students is required to start the course. Contact the school directly if you are interested on private lessons (see Tuition & Fees)



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